At Delmonico’s, New York

Delmonico’s Hotel Jan 13 1966 Annual Dinner of the New York Society Clinical Psychiatry. The psychiatrists invited Andy Warhol to entertain them. He brought along The Velvet Underground plus Nico whose first appearance with VU it was, Gerard Malanga, Edie Sedgewick, Barbara Rubin, Jonas Mekas and Candy Darling. I think the psychiatrists decided to invite Andy in order to gain a better understanding of the underground culture of their clients who were often the alienated children of the rich. The Velvet played. Nico sang with VU for the first time in her lugubrious style. Gerard and Edie did their bull whip dancing. Barbara went round with glaring bright lights and film camera asking about their sex lives and interests. Some of the psychiatrists escaped the room.

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