Film: Francis Whately’s Andy Warhol’s America (2022)

Francis Whately interviewed me for the second part of his three part programme Andy Warhol’s America (2022). The series documents major events in the 20th century through the perspective of Warhol’s life and work. I’m featured in the episode “The American Nightmare.”

The BBC wrote: “The second episode charts Andy Warhol’s response to the Civil Rights movement and the assassination of John F. Kennedy, as well as other major historical events happening in America in the 60s. We hear stories about Warhol setting up the Silver Factory and managing The Velvet Underground, and also how he faced his own personal nightmare; he was shot by a Factory associate.”

And the Daily Telegraph wrote: “Francis Whately, he of the outstanding Bowie trilogy of documentaries, turns to an acquaintance of The Dame for this no-less-compelling new three-parter examining the life and times of the pioneering and endlessly divisive artist and provocateur. Beginning with his early years, its contributors include Bianca Jagger, Bob Colacello and Penny Arcade.”