Adam Ritchie’s original rare images of Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd from 1965/66

The photographs on this website capture the energy and colour of the band’s legendary earliest appearances in New York and London. Velvet Underground in 1965/66 during the film “Venus in Furs”, at the Cafe Bizarre, at the NY Cinematheque, at Andy Warhol’s Exploding Galaxy and for psychiatrists at Delmonico’s. Pink Floyd in 1966/67 at Roundhouse, UFO and the AA Student Party.

These pictures are accompanied by photographs from New York and London. Some of the pictures have been shown at the Tate Liverpool, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Whitney in New York, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Andy Warhol Museum collection and also in Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm, Boston, Vienna and around. The rest of my photographs were destroyed.



‘ROOM 1301’: My 1965 film showing as part of Portobello Film Festival 2019

I am happy to be included in this years Portobello Film Festival at the Gate Cinema in a programme titled: ‘EMOTION AND ECONOMICS – THE HISTORY OF THE GATE CINEMA, NOTTING HILL GATE’

I made a film: ‘Room 1301’, in New York about 1965 with a friend, Yvette Nachmias. It is a 17 minute short exploring New York 1960s office environment, lobbies, corridors, skyscraper streets, lighting, elevators etc and based on her first experience of working in one. The loose structure is that you can’t deliver a parcel to Room 1301 because they don’t have any 13th floors in New York, they go from 12-14 without the 13! We made it on 16mm film stock that becomes a fire danger after 30 years, and Yvette transferred it to VHS and then DVD and it lost an awful lot of definition. Portobello Film Festival apparently still think it’s worth showing. Saturday 7th September 2019 from 1pm-3pm at the Gate, Notting Hill. FREE ENTRY!!!  

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Velvet Underground

Filming ‘Venus in Furs’

At Café Bizarre, New York

At Delmonico’s, New York

At The N.Y Filmmakers Cinemathéque

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Pink Floyd

At the Architectural Association, Dec 1966

At The Roundhouse, I.T. Fundraiser

At the UFO Club

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