At The UFO Club, London

John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins and Joe Boyd hired the use of the Blarney Club at 31 Tottenham Court Road under the Gala Cinema on Fridays from Dec 23 1966 till October 1967. My first Floyd photos were part of a six page piece in Town magazine with my other pictures of the “underground shakers and movers”. At UFO, Roger Waters was a bit over photographer-friendly and always stage front. Syd remained hidden behind a microphone so hard to get. Nick and Richard were busy playing and ignored photographers. I was amazed that they used two glittered go-go dancers. It seemed old fashioned, but maybe they were just encouraged rather than paid.

I hated to use flash photography, which would have killed the constant colour projections on the stage, so I took all the pictures hand-held at 1/4 to 1/2 second exposures. Occasionally another photographer would let off a flash while my camera was open which explains the double images. I think I used both Kodachrome and Ektachrome film.

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